Thrilled, Slightly Killed

November 6, 2009 at 12:30 pm (Uncategorized)

This week has been a mixed bag of sleepless nights and lovely days, some facial issues (bitten on the chin by a flesh-eating monkey eagle chimaera and scratched just above the lip by a dragon-force strawberry-flavoured catfish) and no blogs. Viewership is like falling badly.

Anyway, welcome back to winter. It’s the time of year when there’s fog and sadness abound. I’ve got some fog and sadness in the depths of my wintry heart.

Open Mic was yesterday and it was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Some highlights were musical performances from Jam Pascual (FTW!), The Gummyworms (Oaaasis), B.G. (or Beegee, never figured that out), AJ Elicaño (ZOMBIES YES), Wes Chua, Vincci Santiago (GUITAR YES), Rom de Guzman (COME TOGETHER YES), Kai Alampay (who lost his Open Mic virginity) and many more. Also noteworthy were poems/speeches by Sir Chan Ylagan (Coffeee), Chubbs Bustamante (and his beautiful hamlets), Sir Enzo Flojo, Adam Ferry (Princess of Africa), Simone Sales (the one and only!) and many many many more.

was incredible, though I was pissed more people couldn’t come because of the IGKAS meeting. Sir Ron, Ma’am Meng and many others who would’ve loved to be there couldn’t. Poor scheduling, rawr. As usual, I was the MC (Master of Ceremonies/Mariah Carey/Malicious Caprice) of the day and I killed it, y’know like Emil’s Killer performance… because he covered a Killers song. LOL.

Chubbs also put me on the spot and I had a long, weird story about catfishes and penguins and Time magazine and very very long… trains. Thank you, Chubbs. I’ve never done anything so crazy.

Anyway, I realized how much I loved poetry and loved making people feel special, like they deserved stage time (whether or not they did. Cough. Carlos Tabunda).

Altogether, a lovely evening, except… *runs and makes brief entry in the secret blog*


I’m excited for PaliG. Our documentary, Kimkim, about Koreans in the Philippines is a mad mad killer thriller piece of work. I’m really excited about it and how it will impact audiences.

Today was interesting. Lots of bad puns, like “If there’s crepe paper, why is there no urene paper?” or “Holden is desperate to hold on to what is permanent.” or “If the CSO has Deps, why are there no Shallows?” Oh and “Communists, capitalists, feminists and neverbeenkissts.” Sorry, that was yesterday, but I’m genuinely proud of that one. 😛

I am so glad to have a weekend, so I can sleep and then die, and never wake up, dammit.

Love you all. Good night. Apa goes at sleepy time. MLIA.



  1. guissmo said,

    More puns. This actually came out from an Omegle chat.

    # Hi
    & Hello
    # What’s your name?
    & Chun Wu at your service
    # Alexander Goldberg.
    & What’s up?
    # You know, I never forgave you Koreans for attacking Pearl Harbor
    & Uh…I’m Chinese. And it was the Japanese who attacked it.
    # Chinese, Japanese, Korean…what’s the difference?
    & You serious?!
    # Yeah
    & You know I never forgave you Jews for sinking the Titanic.
    # That was an Iceberg!
    & Goldberg, Greenberg, Iceberg…what’s the difference?

    • Wolf-Boy said,

      So retarded. D:

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