Still The Wanting Comes In Waves

November 16, 2009 at 12:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Humans are culled from the four elements. Earth gives us firmness, Water gives us softness, Air gives us life and Fire gives us passion. Water has this kind of passion sometimes that is different, it’s a soft, nudging passion that can drown you if you’re not careful, for the wanting, the wanting, it comes in waves.

The Decemberists are brilliant people and this song just hits me every time. It’s part of their album The Hazards Of Love which they treated as something of a British folk-rock opera with actual characters. What I love about the British folk movement is that it takes so much of the pagan elements of the region and it tells such haunting tales of love and tragedy with faeries and dwarves aplenty.

The Hazards Of Love tells the story of William, a forest spirit who falls in love with a girl named Margaret but his mother, the Forest Queen forbids it. “The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid” depicts the scene where he begs his mother for just one night with the girl he loves and he is granted the wish (though later in the story, the Queen changes her mind, the fickle bitch).

Now wasn’t that wonderful?

Today was very good indeed, a lot of strange elements, the fire and brimstone and passion and fire. I missed everyone but not the work. Apparently, Ma’am Moca had a symbolic dream where I was in a leather jacket and was about to go off on my motorcycle in a very sad fashion. She thinks it’s because she won’t be teaching us next term. No wonder I was sad in the dream. 😛

Dear JV, Facebook addiction is definitely a major issue. However, trying to address it discretely will come to no long-term progress since in two years time, another social networking site with twice Facebook’s awesome will have taken its place. Let’s call it… Shuwaza. Your friends will be all, “Hey, I saw those pictures you posted on Shuwaza last night,” and teachers will be all, “Oy, aral muna bago Shuwaza.”

It’s futile to treat Facebook discretely from other social networking sites because if your goal is to increase productivity by curbing unnecessary Internet usage, by being more general, you can tackle the issue as a whole and be able to handle it in one sweep. As the almighty Ron Capinding says, “May kayamanan sa kalabuan.”

IGKAS practice was exciting. We are tackling the war in Mindanao and I am a MILF, dammit.


Sir Nald is a pretty good director. The scene looks honest-to-pancakes interesting. I am in Scenes H, I and J of the production and I think those are actually the last three. I’m panicked because I don’t know what changes must occur in my wardrobe in between. Difficult, indeed.

OH OH OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE PUGAD BOOK ON WEDNESDAY, 4:15 at True Brew. Hope you people can make it.

I dunno why I’m addressing all these little things now. I think it brings back memories of when my blogs contained the entire horizontal scope of the day. I think it also distracts me from the monsters of the day, like Love and Anger (Fire), Lightness and Suffocation (Air), Fear and Cold (Water) and Bondage and Weight (Earth). Disturbed, distracted, dismayed, dis love has taken its toll on me and I said goodbye too many times before.


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