i i e e e: A Conspiracy of Gasms

November 21, 2009 at 1:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I haven’t blogged in some time, not because I haven’t had time as much as because I haven’t had things to say. Inspuhration is hard to find, especially when you’re tired as I am. I am. I am. i i e e e. i i e e e. i i e e e.

Alright, so I know we’re dying but why can’t it be beautiful? I think suffering is one of the most beautiful things one can feel, partially because any form of passion is a powerful feeling (as in I Gotta Feeling and it’s passion, bitch), and I think when something overwhelms you, it strips you raw and you have a ___gasm. It could be a sadgasm, when you’re suddenly overwhelmed with misery to the point that the misery has become ecstasy. It could be a foodgasm, when you’re overwhelmed with the deliciousness of the fewd. It could be a lovegasm, when you’re overwhelmed by how many people really love you and you feel that you’re special, that you’re something.

Point being that all powerful emotions, all overwhelming feelings have the potential to give you ecstasy of some kind. It simply requires that you embrace the fits of odd emotion, and let them express themselves for what they are, sadgasms, happygasms, LOLgasms, mourngasms, breakupgasms and especially foodgasms, they’re prolly the best. 😀

I think the week has been beautiful, because of the sheer variation of gasms. I think Jowi’s theory on equal amounts of BV and GV given a week is totally correct, though I’m not sure if the theory works with a lifetime. Perhaps I’ll work out a lifetime list of BVs and GVs one of these days.

In the meantime, I guess smiling would be great, so I will do a lot of it. 😀



  1. guissmo said,

    True, true. Any of those gasms you said are awesome things to experience! But, but, but… what’s the term when one gets overwhelmed about how awesome his org is?

  2. Wolf-Boy said,

    I think you know. :>

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