Altitude Problem

November 29, 2009 at 6:21 am (Uncategorized)

So Pugad is contributing to the Sesqui Issue, otherwise known as Higad FoThegreatergloryofGodMagWall (Hilites Magazine + Hilites Newswall + Pugad Literary Folio + AMDG). I was being a selfish poet, so I didn’t want to give up “La Canción de los Muertos” just yet. In the urge to come up with something that wasn’t a masterpiece but wasn’t a trainwreck either, I ended up making this. The theme of the issue is supposedly “Taking Off.” That is taking off as in flying, not taking off as in clothes. My interpretation of it, though, is probably a little off track. I used it more as the subject rather than the theme.


Altitude Problem


I spend a lot of time on airplanes
and they ask me why I can’t be

Perhaps, I am too used to
that feeling of loftiness
pulling in my vision,
rendering tiny in my sight
people, and cities and nations
and all their pomp and grandeur.

Perhaps, I am too used to
that feeling of altitude
pulling in my eardrums,
rendering me nearly deaf
to the madness of life
and all its sound and fury.

Perhaps, I am too used to
that feeling of vertigo
pulling in my psyche,
rendering the world absolutely
terrifying, filling me with
the purest fear and trembling.

I spend a lot of time on airplanes
yet every flight I’m on, I fear
the inevitable landing.

I fear waking from my dream
of the most glorious apathy,
that feeling of being
pulled into myself,
my little world above the world,
the magnificent illusion,
that is shattered the moment
the wheels hit the tarmac.




  1. guissmo said,

    @poem Pwede. Pwede. :>
    Taking clothes off might become too much of a controversy anyway. :))

    @higad I remember one of my orgmates say BuKaL and Akay should fuse together to form “bouquet” (BuKay).

  2. :"> said,

    I think you’re really cute.

  3. Wolf-Boy said,

    @ Jared – BuKay is benta. XD

    @ :”> – Whoever you are, you’re right.

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