Kris Kringle (‘Tis The Season To Be Kringly)

December 7, 2009 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)

4A, this is a list of all the Kris Kringle Aliases I have right now. Please check if you are here. If you are not here, either you didn’t give me a list (which is awful, but please send me a list ASAP, either on YM or through a Facebook/Twitter DM) or your list got lost somewhere (which I’m sorry for, but you must give me a new one if you want a Christmas gift). I only have 37 out of the 39 lists I’m expecting. Help me please. I cannot release the lists unless everyone has given me a list. Thank you and merry Christmas.

Abs ni Jacob
Alexandre Desplat
Bidin Soriano
Bukakke Pioquidick
Don Fernando
Et Cetera
Freud “Pretty Boy” Mayweather
Hindi Si Arion
Horatio Habang-Hatdog

Jarvey de Guzman
Jennifer Garner
Kim Kramer Kalashnikov
Kommandant Schliefen Überkacht
Left 4 Dinner
Legal Na XD
Li’l Zuplado $$
Lucky T. Tino Ser
Light Year
Macho Libre
Mas gwapo pa ko kay Taylor Lautner
Mr. North
Puck Bass
Snow Spectre
Tito Talongganisa
Virginie Ledoyen
The Wrong Unicorn



  1. Nikki Payawal said,

    Hi Apa, sorry for being epal, but I’m only here out of curiosity. Why is my batchmate’s name up there? :))

  2. Wolf-Boy said,

    Apparently, someone used it as an alias for our anonymous Kris Kringle. The culprit will be found at the party.

  3. Mommy said,

    Hilarious names! You guys are never gonna figure out which one I am!

  4. Kalbs said,

    Ay sumama talaga si mama?! Haha yay! So dapat 40 ang ineexpect ni Apa?

  5. Wolf-Boy said,

    @ Mommy – I have a hunch.

    @ Kalbs – It was supposed to be a surprise, so I kept the count at 39. The surprise will come on the day itself, I guess. And it’s 42 now, plus Ma’am Joy and another Special Guest. :>

  6. You said,

    I cant believe im missing this. 😐 XD

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