4A Christmas Party Preps

December 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Alright, this blog is for 4A’s consumption. The rest of you, be alienated.

So, I’m working on the program for our Christmas party on the 18th, which is next Friday already. Gasp. We had several volunteers/forced volunteers for performances or videos. I will address you later in the blog.

First for EVERYONE: Please IM me a list of the 5 (or more) Most Important Things you learned in A2010. For example “Don’t _____ Gabby because _______.” or “Always _________ your math teachers, and you will succeed.” These are meant to allude to actual events in our high school lives, so make as many allusions (or illusions) to funny anecdotes from throughout our lives together as a class. I humbly request that you play along, even if you don’t necessarily know what it’s for. 😛 Deadline is Sunday evening, December 13. Danke.

Second, for PERFORMERS AND VIDEO PRODUCERS: Please confirm your performance/video and inform me privately of the nature of the presentation. So far, the line-up we have is:

Kebong, Arion et al. (Awaiting Confirmation/Info)
Ricky, Luigi et al. (Awaiting Confirmation/Info)
Kevin et al. (Confirmed/Informed)

Dabz (Awaiting Confirmation/Info)
Chino (Awaiting Confirmation/Info)
Benjie (Awaiting Confirmation)

It’s our last Christmas party, let’s make it awesome! 😀


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