Romance of the Titans

January 21, 2010 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

Seems celestial bodies have bad romances too. This is for Pugad’s outer space themed True Brew exhibit. First line came the moment I heard the theme. I’m punny like that.

I think we need some space,

So you can fly,
light years and galaxies away from here,
where the people are different from the people we know,
where they speak a million other languages,
and you can lose yourself in the babble,
to think a bit about us.

I, on the other hand,
will walk across nebulae and planetary rings,
that aren’t walkable if you believe the scientists
but very much are if you believe the lovers
who’ve walked every road known and unknown to science.

You will go feel the stars in the palms of your hands,
to hold light and heat and sorrow all at once,
for stars know their death will be the death of many
and they wait, in fear and woe, burning everyday
embarrassed to be themselves,
because they are stars.

And while you are gone,
I will walk far enough to see
what it is like to orbit other suns,
the varying heats of their passions,
the varying pulls of their gravities,
to get a sense of who you are,
you, once my only star
who never cared whom you sunburned.

And both of us will wonder
how the space between us
makes no difference
to how distant we have become.

And why as distant as we
try to be, the space cannot
make us forget how it once felt
to be in each other’s arms.



  1. Moca in a White Louboutin Cup said,

    Reminds me of the line “With this much space, we could build a continent “

  2. DressieMessieJessie said,

    It overwhelms me to read this. It’s lovely.

  3. Erica said,

    Well that’s a bloody brilliant poem now, isn’t it?

    Haha my attempt at being British

    Sincerely lovely poem though 🙂

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