It’s About A Kiss

June 23, 2010 at 1:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Sometimes, a concept comes to you and you wonder how to put it into words. Sometimes, words come to you and they sound so lovely together but you have no idea what concept they’re meant to convey. That’s what happened with this poem. The title came and I struggled to figure out what it should mean… and I’m still struggling, so this is a second draft, but it’s as good a time as any to post something. Like this blog’s been dead for ages. Comments and suggestions are helpful, especially since this is kinda rough. 🙂

Like A Hot Pepper In My Mouth On A Summer’s Day In The City

You burned my tongue
as if I had been kissed
by a dragon that breathed fire

down my throat,
past my lungs
and into my soul,
as if Hell itself
and all its demons
and its sinful masses
were living inside me,
fanning the flames
of our wantonness.

I remember the years
of cold kisses,
clammy lips
and embraces
icy and empty
as Heaven itself,

and now, this heat
as the flowers of the fire trees,
like falling angels,
come crashing to the pavement
around our feet
to bask in the summer sun
only to wither before autumn.

I, too, am consumed
by these hellish flames
as your body
comes close to mine,
your lips
touch mine,
and your tongue
burns through mine

as if the hottest pepper
sears the corners of my mouth
on this, a scorching summer’s day
in a city of demons and angels,
kissing, kissing, but never feeling heat.



  1. JulienneJ said,

    Ooh, sinful passions. “Kissing, but never feeling heat”? That could mean a lot; nice wording.

    • Wolf-Boy said,

      Julienne Joven, is that you? 😀

      I’m shifting to your course next year! 😀

  2. JulienneJ said,

    Wowza! Ohh, that is so fun! What’s your current course ba? 😀

    Sayang, I’m shifting naman to CommTech Mgt next year. Nagka-salisi! 😦

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